The Scout Group provides a natural progression for its young members to move on to the next section within the Group. This provides a way for them to move on to new adventures and activities suitable for their age.

Beavers to Cubs: Between 8 years to 8 years 3 months - Beavers move on to one of our two Cub Packs: Generally, Hall Heath Beavers to Homewood Cubs, Wick Wood Beavers to Douthwaite Cubs.

Cubs to Scouts: Between 10 years 3 months to 10 years 9 months. (average age is 10 years 6 months), Cubs move on to one of our Scout Troops: generally, Homewood Cubs to Aquila Scouts, Douthwaite Cubs to Tyler Scouts.

In practice we try to group these transfers at the start of each term, so several children move on together. The exact time is agreed between current and future section leaders and parents. Moving outside these ages is a decision of the Group Scout Leader alone. Such an exception will only be agreed if there are good reasons that make it more likely a child will move on to the next section. So parents should not plan or assume that their son or daughter can continue in the old section beyond the normal age range. Once the date is fixed for moving on, then this date marks the end of the members period in their old section.


Parents should be contacted about one term ahead by their current section leader to inform them about the likely date for moving on. This allows parents to discuss it at this early stage so a final decision can be made. It also allows a start for sorting out which Pack Beavers will move into, by asking if parents and boys have a preference. The next section's leader can ensure there will be space.


While moving between sections, children continue to be members of the Scout Group and continue to wear their Group neckerchief along with the rest of their uniform. Members finish taking part in the previous section at the end of one term. They start going to the new section at the start of the next term and should have clear information about this from the new Section Leader. Once in their new section, a new top is needed. The uniform blue cargo trousers remain the same throughout the Group and are worn by all Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. The page on uniform gives more information about this.