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3 main things to do:

Register as leader: how this is done is in flux, currently via the section leader or Group Training Coordinator

Complete DBS application: this will be done alongside "Register as leader"

District Appointment Committee: following registration, you get a welcome pack from the District and an invitation to the District Appointment Committee.

Following this, you get a pre-provisional leader appointment and (if not got already) a Scout Association membership number


Agree a Training Advisor (TA), who is there to guide you through training. This can be done as soon as possible after starting. Your section leader should have informed the Group Training Coordinator, who will contact you about this.

Importantly the TA signs off parts of training as completed. "Signing off" by the TA is currently on a Personal Training Plan, which you keep and normally is a paper copy, and on-line with the Scout Association. Initial


The full training is in Modules, each covering one or more aspects of Scouting and being a leader: these are all described in the Adult Personal file (link to pdf file)

Three Modules need completion to move to a Provisional Leader position and normally are done in the first few months.

Usually, there is a meeting with your TA before starting, but this is not essential. You can then discuss what form of completing the modules is appropriate and whether the elearning (on the Scout Association website) is suitable.

Module 1: Essential information (external link to elearning)

Module 2: Personal learning plan, which is in the Adult Personal file (link to pdf file).

Module 3: Tools for the role (external link to elearning)


On completion of the other required modules, you get a Wood Badge, which is the traditional award for trained leaders within scouting (.

The modules are outlined in the Adult Personal file (link to pdf file). Normally, the training is completed within the first 5 years


Leader appointments are reviewed every 5 years: you should be contacted near that point, but it is good to keep an eye on the review date and talk with the Section Leader, if no-one contacts you.

At this Review, leaders are expected to have done the following within the last 5 years:

  1. Safety training Safeguarding training First aid (Module 10 - part of Wood Badge)
  2. DBS renewal (you should be contacted when this is due)
  3. In addition, leaders should have averaged 5 hours new training each year, either as part of acquiring the Wood Badge, or as on-going training. There are various extra modules that can be done, or training in other ways to give new skills relevant to your section role.