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Each section - Beaver, Cub or Scout - has its own meetings, programme and activities.

The type of programme depends on the age range of the Section. The aim is to have fun and challenge throughout; to encourage our young members to develop responsibility; to promote teamwork and to support personal development. There are opportunities as they grow older for our members to learn to lead others and to develop interests in outdoor activities.

There is a training scheme that progresses throughout these sections and the programme likewise has a natural development.

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There is a natural progression for our members from one section to the next and hopefully all our young members will go up from section to section within our Group.

For example, Beavers are mainly based in the Group HQ, but with some weekly programmes outdoors. Cubs are introduced to camping (in tents) and “pack holidays” (indoor dormitory accommodation). Scouts have several camps a year, hopefully including some adventurous activities (e.g. canoeing, mountain walking). Older Scouts may go on camping expeditions that they help organise themselves.

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Section meetings are held weekly throughout the year in school term time, except when otherwise announced. The programme is normally a mixture of activities, skill training and games, with fun and challenge throughout. Especially for Scouts there is also preparation for camps and other expeditions.

Please help make sure that your son or daughter is on time for meetings and wears full uniform unless otherwise instructed.

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Group members are expected to attend meetings regularly, to enable them to participate fully in our activities.

Of course, members may miss occasional meetings because of clashes with school activities etc. It greatly helps the Leaders, if members and parents let their section leader know beforehand, if they are going to be absent. This also means that we can plan programmes accordingly.